Quick 20 Minute Product
Introduction Webinar Series

Series 1: Introduction to the Platform

  • How to get your access and login
  • Portal Overview
    • Claims Information Dashboard
    • Training Video Integration
    • Paul Hanson Partners Safety Portal
    • Preferred Vendor Access

Series 2: Employee Online Onboarding

  • Assessment
    • Application
    • Vetting
  • Orientation
  • Certification
  • Task Management
  • Project Mapping

Series 3: Independent Contractor

  • Online Onboarding
    • Online Application Process
    • Assessment/Contract Compliance
    • Orientation
    • Training & Certification
    • Project Mapping

Series 4: Back Office Support Capabilities

  • Certificates of Insurance Compliance
  • Management reports using actionable dashboards
  • Driver settlements Options
  • Interstate, COD and military claims Invoiceing accounting services
  • National Van Line Revenue Statement Reconciliation

Series 5: Mover’s Choice and the CLDA

Mover's Choice has partnered with the CLDA to offer group insurance and membership benefits to you and your independent Contractors. Through the CLDA your independent contractors can access affordable health plans which helps you avoid misclassification. The CLDA also offers many member benefits to Movers including HealthAdvocate Telemedicine services and Counseling.

Series 6: Greenlight Overview

Learn more about how greenlight can make your drivers safer.

Series 7: Greenlight Activation Demo

Now that you have your Greenlight SmartCradle it's important that you activate your account! Activating your account is vital to start collecting data and calculating your driver score. Follow the step by step guide in this video tutorial to get your account linked to your online portal!

Series 8: MovePak Consulting Overview

Movers Choice has teamed up with moving and storage insurance and valuation expert Carole Boettcher from MovePak Consulting to educate you on how you can potentially earn more money and provide better protection with valuation coverage. Carole has spent 33 years as a leader in the Moving & Storage Insurance industry. She has extensive management and underwriting experience with major insurance organizations. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Valuation basics
  • How to determine value
  • How to explain valuation to your customers
  • Interstate, COD and military claims Invoiceing accounting services
  • And Much More!