In addition, the platform uses multiple interfaces to allow for different user types to interact within the program. These interfaces can be used to help manage all aspects of a transportation company including but not limited to: employees, independent contractors, and preferred vendors (ie. truck leases, gas cards, uniforms, etc.)

Your company can now:

  • Provide a fully customized corporate branded platform that will drive consistency throughout the organization in hiring and contracting employees and contractors.
  • Integrate claims information to provide real time risk reduction strategies.
  • Provides an integrated platform for Video Education, Training, & Certification.
  • Provides manager performance metrics that is 100% transparent to all team members.
  • Provides company wide accessibility and state of the art task management software.
  • It helps monitor and solve Independent Contactor Regulatory Issues.
  • Provides a online platform for insurance compliance review and insurance procurement.


Let’s building “Your Road to Success!”